What is Blogging, 10 tips

What is Blogging

We keep our knowledge in front of people in many ways, some people share their knowledge by making videos, some people teach people by writing through blogging, and some people by writing on the blackboard in class or by speaking by mouth. He teaches his students.

Whatever knowledge you have, in whatever field you have information, by writing that information or knowledge on the Internet, teaching people is called blogging, the meaning of blog is to write.

For example, what has happened to you in the course of Digital Marketing and you want to spread this knowledge to more people, then you can teach it to people by making videos or if you want, by writing articles or posts on the Internet in Blogging. You can also teach people.

Blogging is said to reach thousands of millions or crores of people by writing their knowledge on the Internet. For blog, we choose any platform like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, etc.

What is the meaning of blogging

When you create a blog and write a post on your blog, then this money is called blogging and the person who writes the blog is called blogger and the person who reads that blog is called visitor or reader and we also call it traffic. Huh.

There are two types of blogs, one on which people write their feelings, thoughts, and stories of life and the other on which people earn money by putting information related to the needs of other people, but the process of creating both these blogs is the same.

How much should I study for blogging?

blogging can be done even if you are only 8th pass, blogging does not require much study, only a little basic knowledge of English should be there.

But if you want to do English blogging, then for this you should have a good knowledge of English because whether it is a blog or English, the process of creating both these blogs is the same, but in English blogging, you have to write a post in English.

blogging is expanding rapidly in India. In the last few years, the number of bloggers has increased very fast, we have made a list of the top 25 bloggers in India, you can see it from here.

How to do blogging?

What is Blogging
What is Blogging

If you want to do blogging if you want to spread your knowledge to crores of people through blogging, then first of all you have to choose a platform, and create a blog on that platform and then post your knowledge on your blog or article. As to be written.

Nowadays most people choose two platforms for blogging, first Blogger and second WordPress, most blogs are being create on these two platforms.

If you choose Blogger, then first you will create your blog on Blogger and then you will start writing your knowledge in the form of a post, just like that if you can choose WordPress and also create a blog on it and give your information to people. can be shared between

If you are not able to decide whether to make your blog on Blogger or WordPress then here is a guide for that. guide and choose the platform for blogging.

Blogging for beginners

If you are new in the field of blogging and you want to start blogging now, then you can choose the Blogger platform for this because it is free and you can learn blogging on this platform for free.

You can transfer the blog made on Blogger to WordPress anytime, but WordPress is not free, here you will have to invest something.

How do you get money from blogging?

Even we have taken information about what is blogging and how to do it, now this question must be arising in your mind that how do you get money from it.

We will understand how to get money from blogging through an example, suppose you have opened a school or school and many children are coming to that school and you are teaching them.

You teach children in your school for free, but inside the same school, you have opened many shops and the children who come to you to study, buy school related materials from that shop and that is your income.

Just like this, you create a blog and write your knowledge in that blog, then you put Adsense or other companies’ ads in the middle of that post.

Now whoever goes to that post of yours, reads that post and learns as well as sees the ad in the middle of the post, then it also promotes the product of those ad companies.

Ad companies give you money because you are reaching millions of people by putting their ad in your post and in this way you can earn a lot of money by blogging.

To earn money from blogging, your blog should be popular, traffic should come to your blog when many people will read your blog post, only then the ad in that post will go in front of thousands or even millions of people and only then the company’s product will be promoted and Only then those companies will give you money.

How long does it take to earn money blogging?

In the last few years, the competition in the field of blogging has increased very fast and as you know, in the field where there is more competition, we have to work harder to be successful.

By creating a new blog and earning money from it, it can take at least 6 months and maximum 1 year, it depends on your work and hard work.

Your blog is much greater traffic on how long it takes as much as higher earnings from the traffic on a New Blog on the subject we have written a whole post makes Traffic many days on New Blog this guide Read from here.

How many types of blogs are there?

Blog can be of many types like Micro Niche Blog, Event Blog, Festival Blog, Affiliate Blog, Food Blog etc., you can create your own blog accordingly.

For example, if you create a micro-niche blog then you will write a post on only one topic on your blog, whereas if take the second example and you create a festival blog then you will write a festival related post on your blog, in the third example if you create a food blog, then you will write posts related to food on your blog.

You can choose the topic of your blog according to your information and write a post on the same topic. Many people cover all the topics in their blog but Google does not give much importance to such a blog because you can be an expert in only one subject and not in all subjects.

When a user comes to your blog, he should feel that you are an expert in that subject, only then he will believe in your blog or post and then give his feedback on your post and share it with other people.

How to do blogging from mobile?

In the beginning, you can start blogging from mobile itself, then later you can choose laptop or desktop if needed more.

We also started blogging from mobile 4 years ago today, for you should have a mobile with at least 4GB RAM and a good processor so that you do not face many problems in blogging.

You can do all the work in blogging from your mobile, but if you have a laptop or desktop then the work is done faster.

You can start blogging from your mobile without any problem, when your blog gets bigger and starts having trouble running it from mobile, then you can buy laptop or desktop.

Now if you have thought of blogging and you want to create a new blog of your own, then see the full process guide of creating a new blog on the Blogger platform here.

And if you want to create a blog on WordPress, then we have also written this process in a complete post, read the guide given here WordPress Blog Kais Banaye, and learn how to create your WordPress blog.

Some questions and answers related to blogging

Q- What is a blog, explain with examples

The blog is like a school or school, just like teachers give knowledge to children in school or school, similarly, you can share information for people on your blog.

Q- How to learn blogging?

Google and YouTube are both a storehouse of knowledge, you can find information related to blogging by searching in both these places. We also learned to do blogging from both these places about 6 years ago.

Q- History of blogging?

The history of blogging is not very old. Before 2014, used to be negligible on the Internet, but after 2014, expanded very rapidly in the web world and today has covered the entire Internet.

Q- Hindi vs English Blogging?

The blog is available in both Hindi and Hinglish languages but we would advise you that either you create a blog in Hindi or English because the user has difficulty in reading in Hinglish.

Q- How much can I earn from blog?

There is no limit of money in blogging, you can earn unlimited money from one rupee, we have seen many such Hindi or English bloggers who are earning lakhs or crores of rupees a month.

Q- Blogging platform for beginners?

You can start blogging with Blogger because it is completely free. Even today, there are lakhs of such blogs which are built on bloggers and are earning lakhs or crores of rupees per month. If you want, you can transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress later.

Q- Which topic to choose for blogging?

To choose the topic of blogging, you do not need to search anywhere, look inside yourself, in which subject you have the most information, create a blog on the same topic so that you can write high-quality posts.

And finally

There is a saying in Hindi “Nadha to adha” that means when you start some work, it means that you have covered half the journey, so if you want to come into the field of blogging then what is the delay. Get started today.

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