What do Boys Think about Girls

What do Boys Think about Girls

Hello friends, in today’s post we will tell you what boys think about girls. Many girls want to know what any boy thinks about him or if we talk about common boys, then what goes on in their mind, today we will discuss this topic.

If you want to know how most of the boys think about the girls and what are the things going on inside their mind then you should read this post till the end.

So friends, without wasting any time let’s start this post directly.

what do boys think about girls

1. how beautiful

If any boy sees any beautiful girl, then the only thing that goes on in his mind is how beautiful this girl is.

And many kinds of feelings come in his mind about her beauty as if I wish this girl to become my girlfriend.

Or if I get married to this girl and she becomes my wife, then I will have fun in my life.

Every boy wants a beautiful girl, no matter what the boy looks like, he only needs a beautiful and smart girl.

2. Character Considerations

If a boy sees a girl as more friendly, then bad thoughts start coming in his mind about the character of that girl.

He feels that the character of this girl seems a bit messed up and if I fall behind it, then this girl will burst easily.

But this thinking of boys is very wrong, it is not a crime for any girl to be friendly, but do not know that the thinking of boys is mostly like this.

3. Thinking About the Body

If a girl’s breasts are very big or her hips are wide, then wrong thoughts start arising in her mind and she thinks that this girl is very active.

We are able to speak with so much confidence because we are boys ourselves and most of these things keep going on in our mind, so we are putting things very clearly in front of you.

But we think that this thinking of boys is very wrong because the development of any girl’s body depends on her hormones.

4. Attitude

If a boy wants to impress a girl and that girl does not give or does not like him, then the boy feels that how much attitude this girl is.

But there is no fault of that girl in this, if that girl does not like that boy then why will she look at him and give him emotion.

If any boy tries to hit a girl line, but that girl does not like that boy, then she does not even like to look at him.

Because he knows that if I see this boy then he will follow me and I will be completely crazy.

5. A girl wearing jeans is bad

Today’s era has become modern, but even in today’s time, there are some people whose thinking can never be developed.

They have this belief that if a girl walks around the market wearing jeans t-shirt, then her culture is not good.

And if a girl walks around wearing a salwar suit, then she is a very good girl. What to do now but this is the reality.

That’s why even in today’s era, there are many parents who do not allow their girls to wear jeans t-shirts.

6. She will definitely have a boyfriend

Boys think that every girl’s boyfriend is sure but in most cases they are true but it is not necessary.

If a girl also has lunch with someone, then the boy thinks that the boy is his boyfriend but maybe he is only his friend.

But the boy is not ready to accept this because there is only one dialogue fixed in his mind that a boy and a girl can never be friends.

7. Laugh To Fasi

It is a matter in the heart of every boy that if a girl laughs after seeing him, it means that the girl likes him.

Yes, it is true that if that girl is a celebrity after seeing him, then she likes that boy, but even because of a friend and a good person, she can laugh, can’t she?

But different types of feelings start arising in the mind of boys and then after a few days he proposes to her and then the girl tells him that there is no such thing in her mind.

And then the boy’s heart breaks, there is no fault of that girl, it is only that boy’s thinking that if a girl is a celebrity after seeing him, then she likes him.

8. She is hungry to have a relationship

Most of the boys think that every girl only wants to have a relationship but it does not happen. Boys keep watching such a film and then their thinking about every girl changes.

But there is no such feeling in the heart of girls, she only wants to love the person whom she loves from her heart and not with any boy she is always ready to make a relationship.

You and friends:

So friends, this was what boys think about girls, we hope that after reading this post you must have come to know about the thinking of boys.

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