Can dogs eat eggs

The topic of whether dogs can eat eggs is much debated to this day, it is also argued that if they do, it is better to eat it raw rather than cooked. There seem to be proponents of all kinds of ideas, so in this article we want to show you the main benefits and potential drawbacks of adding eggs to your dog’s diet.

Can dogs eat eggs?

Theoretically the answer we give you is yes, in fact not only can they eat it, but egg is a food that is very nutritious, especially with a large amount of protein, fat, minerals and even Even because of the vitamins. D. which includes. That is, the egg is a food that has great nutritional value at the biological level. Until it is discovered that the dog has an allergy, which is a completely accidental matter.

We have to tell you that most dogs can eat eggs in their normal diet, either because they consume it through the feed you buy at the supermarket or through a natural diet like ACBA, which means organic Suitable from raw food, and which is a widely used method of feeding today.

Is a raw or cooked egg better?

At this point, you will find many opinions about it and we have to state that they are all correct. There are people who claim that raw eggs provide more nutrients than cooked eggs, and in that they are right, because during the cooking process of an egg, it will lose some of its much-respected nutritional properties.

But those who affirm that it is better to give a cooked egg are also partly correct, simply because cooked food is better absorbed by the body and more digestible for your pet. Is. So, whether it is raw or cooked, dogs can eat eggs and it will be very beneficial for them.

Another thing is what kind of food you are going to prepare the egg with and in this regard, we have to tell you that you should never give fried egg to your dog. If you choose to give your dog a poached egg, you can do so by cooking a French omelet without salt, or, if you prefer, as a hard-boiled egg, even as a poached egg. I can do it too.

Is it good to open them too?

If the egg is raw, then there are many people who also open their dog. In fact, there are people who give it whole and others who eat it a little crushed. But we recommend that you never give an eggshell to a dog.

What is the reason for this? Well, if the shell is raw, it can make your dog sick with salmonellosis, something that will cause great harm to his health. But, if it is cooked, it usually turns into a sharp tool that can cause a tear in your dog’s digestive system.

So, in our opinion, dogs can eat eggs, but don’t give them the shells. The shell will only provide them with calcium and there are other safe ways to get calcium without causing discomfort to your dog, such as with muscle bones.

How many eggs can a dog eat?

Dogs can eat all the eggs you want to give them, but we advise you to use your common sense, noting that anything that is eaten in excess is harmful. It is true that there is no exact amount of eggs a dog can eat, but for example, if you weigh about fifteen kilos, it is advisable that you eat one hard-boiled egg a week, while A big dog eats forty kilos twice weekly.

How should I give eggs to my dog?

You can do this like any other meal, you can place it in his food bowl as a reward for his treats or as a snack. Another thing you can do is to mix it with your regular meals for added flavor.

If the egg is cooked, you’ll need to wait for it to cool slightly to avoid burning your dog. If the egg is cold because you took it out of the fridge, we recommend that you let it come to room temperature before giving it to your dog.

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